Sales Team Training

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Sales Team Training

Social selling is a fundamentally different way of working. We teach your organization how to adopt social media habits and processes that guarantee results.

The goal of the BlissPoint Sales Team Training is to drive change in behavior online. Sales Teams want to harness the true power of social media as a tool to do business. We teach you to engage audiences and sell great products and services that can improve their lives and the organization’s bottom line.

What You'll Be Trained On
  • Getting you Digital House in Order
  • The Power of Commenting
  • Team Boosting
  • Hacking the Algorithm

For those companies with Sales Navigator Licenses

  • Effective Prospecting Techniques
  • Daily Sales Navigator Habits
  • Additional Team Strategies

This coordinated approach of long-term thinking, identifying the target, easing into the relationship, taking your time all with social media at the center is not a simple task. But it’s a necessary one.

The Secrets of Success

Having trained thousands of sales teams around the world, we have found the enthusiasm of the Executives and Team Leaders to be the biggest impact in Social Selling success.

You'll be familiar with agile practices and have a highly technical background, comfortable discussing detailed technical aspects of system design and implementation, whilst remaining business driven. With 5+ years of systems analysis, technical analysis or business analysis experience, you'll have an expansive toolkit of communication techniques to enable shared, deep understanding of financial and technical concepts by diverse stakeholders with varying backgrounds and needs. In addition, you will have exposure to financial systems or accounting knowledge.

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